Meet the Authors:

Starmel Spring (aka Richard Hodgert) and Leroy Henry met in the magical summer
of 1967 when Leroy was the Hodgert family’s paperboy. They became fast
friends and soon discovered they had an affinity for the same kind of music, literature
and humor.
  Richard and Leroy would go on to write over 150 songs together.

Richard was raised in the Shoreline suburb of Seattle, Washington where he
spent his entire life. He was a voracious writer with no bounds, whether it be song
lyrics, poetry, or stories. In all rooms of his house, one could find mounds and
scraps of paper with his creative burst of thoughts and unique outlook on the
world. And it never stopped until his passing in 2013.

Leroy - a music supervisor, producer and songwriter - attended the University of Washington and enjoyed a career as a disc jockey in the 70’s and early 80’s at rock stations in Seattle including KCMU, KZOK and KZAM. He then transformed his love for entertainment into the retail world as a music supervisor, curating songs for brands
worldwide, including Starbucks. Leroy was the founder and vice president of the music department at PlayNetwork in Redmond, Washington where he currently acts as the Executive Producer of Global Starbucks, helping to create and produce the in-store experience. He currently resides in Edmonds, Washington with his wife Bonnie.

Above: Richard on the left, Leroy on the right, way back when

Below: Leroy today