Leroy in front of his record shop circa 1973 where the first writings with Rich took place

“Blueberry Muffins Are Up A Buck A Pair” is dedicated to my best friend and co-author,
Richard Hodgert (Starmel Spring) who passed Feb 26, 2013. It all started on
Halloween night in 1973 at my record shop in the University District in Seattle from
this humorous quip of Richard’s. We were so inspired and galvanized by his remark
that we started the book that very night and spent many long evenings into the wee
hours over the next four years completing it. We were only 20 years old when we began.
The original manuscript sat in storage for decades until Richard’s passing.

With the new e-book technology available in 2014, I decided to finish editing the
manuscript and publish the book in his honor. Richard was like a brother to me and
we shared so many great experiences over our forty plus years of close friendship.
Writing in close quarters in our early twenties was very special and I’ll always be
grateful for our creative partnership. We had already spent the previous five years,
since we were fifteen, writing songs together, so this was not a big stretch for us.

I would like to thank Richard’s wife Amy, my wife Bonnie, our daughter Kelsey plus
all our friends and family who have shown love and support for this project. And last
but not least, Mrs. McKillop who dutifully typed up the original manuscript.
Richard, here’s to you. Writing this book has really been a blast and now we can finally
share it with the public - as you first envisioned. And I agree with you -
Blueberry Muffins would make one heck of a movie.
-Leroy Henry-

Here is a poem submitted by Kristi, our close friend of Amy Hodgert (Richard's wife) inspired by the deep friendship and creative unity Richard & I shared.  Thank you, Kristi!

The recipe for blueberry muffins

are up buck a pair

The recipe you will see comes

from deep within he and me

Longtime friendship

Blended dreams

Mixing and measuring

Two hearts

Two minds

One love

Many days we came together

Our thoughts, our words

They tumbled out

They overflowed onto the paper

that made the book

We're sure you'll love