Excerpt from chapter 2 - "People Floating In The Park"

Albert broke himself away from the crowds, wandering down a sidewalk that
wound deeply into the park. The wind was whistling through the orchard where
peacocks spread calmly on the lawn. A few people were seen chatting lightly and
investigating mossy statues just ahead, in a very peaceful and enchanting aura.
Drifting off the sidewalk onto a path over several small, rolling hills, the grass
was much higher here, swaying waist high. Music from the park could still be
heard off in the exterior and sweet streams of fragrance blew in with the breeze.
Albert scissored his way through the wild grass that now towered over his head
and forged on, mumbling to himself and turning over the change in his pockets.
He soon came upon an opening in the grass and stood before a plank door at the
foot of a small mountain.

Excerpt from chapter 4 - "The Traveling Circus From Outer Space"

“We interrupt this program to bring you this special bulletin. With many reports
of hearing the first transmission of music from The Traveling Circus From
Outer Space, we have received indications that the craft is now only a matter of
miles from our planet’s surface. Meanwhile, weather experts have informed us
that within three minutes - I repeat, within three minutes, the sound barriers
will be broken. The impact on our earth’s atmospheric frequencies may cause a
deafening blast, followed by a severe electrical storm. Down at the fairgrounds,
it is a scene of thousands of frenzied thrill seekers waiting to witness one of the
most outrageous events on this side of our solar system in this century. Peter
Parker here, for the Global Circuit News Agency.”

Excerpt from chapter 5 - "The Hardwood Forest"

“Thank you kindly,” offered Albert as he motioned for Wilber to join him at
the head of the Hardwood Floor. They proceeded rather cautiously down the
floor a ways towards this very short and hunched over elderly woman. She had a
long, skinny nose and waist-long grey hair streaming down her back.

Albert and Wilber felt a chill tighten up their necks as she spoke through a
pipe hanging from her ancient lips. “To find your way home, you must lift your
heart ever so gently and listen very openly to all that surrounds you. Quiet
your mind and the answers will come to you so easily and guide you safely