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Music was a huge part of our inspiration during the writing of this book and created such a wonderful atmosphere.  A lot of that same music is now available so you can enjoy a great  musical soundtrack to read by.

Sometimes you'll find that the music ties in directly to the theme while at other times it  simply sets the right mood.  And heck, copy the playlist to your Spotify account and add your own songs too.

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Enjoy the tunes. 

Click on links above to hear music from the following chapters:

Ch1: Blueberry Muffins

Ch2: People Floating In The Park

Ch3: Nerschvinkle Wenchnecks

Ch4: The Traveling Circus From Outer Space

Ch5: The Hardwood Forest

Ch6: Eastern Paranoia

Ch7: Subway To The Inner Fields of Self Identity

Ch8: The Return